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Sunil and Ravi now

Two of our boys, Sunil (left) and Ravi (right) at Chhath Puja a few weeks ago. The stories of both are ones of very real human damage that we hope we have now put an end to -- permanently. Few who once saw Sunil languishing in a government detention center for homeless children would probably have guessed he would emerge today as a child who consistently outperforms others at schools due to his high intellect.

Ravi ended up a street child after a soured relation between his parents led to his mother murdering his father and then fleeing the law along with a boyfriend. The landlord then promptly threw Ravi out of the apartment, after which he wandered India alone for some time. This almost certainly is a story we will post about publicly less and less in coming years -- for it is one he will probably want to put well behind him as he grows older.

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