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Our January 2019 news

Our apologies for not posting as regularly on this site as we do our Facebook page ( We wanted to share these updates from January 2019:

Our kids had a very good time at a local mall in Patna last week(!) Our thanks to Mr. Aru Prakash and Shivam Kunal, our two interns from Ahmedabad's Nirma University, for taking them out.

We are happy to support child labor victim Rafikul Alam (with our director Tarkeshwar in top photo, and with his family below). Rafikul Alam was rescued in Nepal and returned home to his village in Katihar. We are thankful to 'The Acts of Kindness Collective, UK' for their financial support for his family through Mr. Mans Grdfeldt, who is working with this organization in the UK. He is now attending school along with his siblings. This financial support will allow his father to start his own business. <3

SARTHI interns from Symbiosis law school

SARTHI's thanks goes out to our five most recent interns from Hyderabad's Symbiosis law school for all their efforts. From November 12 to December 12 2018 they were with us here in Patna, spending time in the city's government homes for children -- and observing and learning about issues regarding children and the law that are of concern to us here in Bihar.

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