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Livelihood is an important factor in the lives of the people everywhere be it urban or rural as it gives an opportunity for people to lead a life by doing some productive work and earn income from it thereby supporting themselves and their families. For livelihood one can do many things but it has to be in such a manner that it should be productive and sustainable in nature giving continuous income.

SARTHI has partnered with Aide et Action International South Asia and Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) to provide vocational skills development trainings to almost 700 youths in Patna and Buxer district of Bihar through the project “Udaaan” in the year 2016-2017. Poor rural youth in the age group of 15-35 were identified through community mobilization from 5 targeted blocks and have been enrolled in short term training courses in 4 different trades such as Bed Side Patient Assistant (BSPA), Electricals, Automobile Repairing and iTES.

The implementation of “Udaaan” project was broadly divided into three major phases;

Pre-Training Phase: Employability Potential Assessment, selection of courses, procurement of training infrastructure, networking with potential employers, curriculum development, selection and training of faculty, selection of trainees etc.

During-Training Phase: Induction of trainees, theory and practical training, life skills and personality development, guest lectures by experts and potential employers, performance tracking, liaison with potential employers for placement opportunities, on the Job training/ apprenticeship, pre placement support etc.

Post-Training Phase: Organising interviews and placement support, post-placement follow-up for additional support to trainees, employer feedback for improvement in curriculum and methodology, alumni association and experience sharing etc.

Apart from this we have also introduced a new concept called Gossip circle for Empowerment (GCE)- an innovative and unique model that aims at translates Gossiping into a positive factor that acts as an open forum for learning through discussions and debates. The GCE model encourages solidarity, promotes leadership qualities and prepare the youth to play a constructive role as ‘change agents.’

Following are the details of training and placements under Udaaan Project:


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