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82 homeless children help us better understand which resources they need most

Our deepest thanks to SARTHI members Mr. Rakesh Kumar (in photos speaking to children) and Ms. Rashmi Roy, and our community volunteer Ms. Komal (standing behind Mr. Kumar in a blue scarf in the second photo).

They and SARTHI took part in a nationwide survey project this past January and February, in cooperation with New Delhi's Hazards Centre. Our people held in-depth interviews with homeless boys and girls in the Patna region's Danapur and Patliputra rail stations.

SARTHI spoke extensively to 82 children in all. By improving information we have about these children and their lives, we hope to give ourselves and other NGOs a better understanding of how to successfully approach and help them in the future -- and better understand what exact resources will be most effective for them.

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