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SARTHI conducts numerous training programs for other NGOs in Bihar focusing on issues such as child rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, The Juvenile Justice Act, human trafficking, gender issues, sexuality issues, and HIV/AIDS.

With the help of concerned volunteers, youth and partner NGOs, SARTHI also conducts numerous training programs in Bihar to sensitize members of local government at the block and village level on issues of concern regarding gender and sexuality. These issues in particular are ones which lead to numerous cases of discrimination and exploitation which affect particular classes and categories of children in Bihar.

SARTHI believes training programs of this particular kind have led to an increased awareness of the importance of such issues in many communities and rural areas throughout Bihar — and have thus led to measurable benefits for vulnerable children in these localities as well.

Major issues focused on in these training programs have included child labour, child marriage, trafficking in children and confronting the abuse and neglect of children. In these public awareness programs SARTHI also focuses on the need for comprehensive birth registration of children throughout all regions of Bihar, as well as the need for improved education of female children.

In addition to training programmes and workshops for NGOs and members of government in Bihar at the local and village level, SARTHI also conducts workshops and training events for police, lawyers, and teachers, as well as children themselves.

As well, SARTHI stages and participates in numerous public events and demonstrations for the benefit of children’s rights throughout Bihar.


SARTHI runs an awareness programs throughout Bihar aimed at children who are not currently attending any school or who do not have full access to medical services. We prepare them for admission into schools and provide health and medical services.


SARTHI also organizes health camps for children in areas of Bihar where government health centers are not available. Local doctors and volunteers are brought to these camps to provide services to the children, and SARTHI collects medicines to distribute among needy adult patients who come to the centers as well.

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